Pottsboro hosts an educated, multi-tiered workforce and a passion for success. Our population offers skill sets that range from high-end technology design, development and marketing to back-office operations that help customers with everything from banking services to boating advice. Our dynamic business ecosystem provides consistent job growth for many local companies.

Grayson County Tax Rate to remain the same – For the twelfth year in a row, property tax rates in Grayson County will stay the same….

New apartment complex coming to Pottsboro

KXII-TV - POTTSBORO, TX -- The opening of State Highway 289 was a catalyst...

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Relocate Your Business

The greater Pottsboro area is recognized around the region as a select location for corporate headquarters and supporting facilities. It is renowned for its quality of life and hosts a strong technology infrastructure supported by a multi-tiered workforce. These conditions combine to create one of the strongest business environments in Texas. Pottsboro’s attractiveness as a place to live and work…

Grow Your Business

Growing Economic Prosperity in North Texas Pottsboro is a young, smart and successful city with un-bounding energy and creative ideas. The DFW / North Texas region houses one of the fastest growing major job markets in the U.S. with a youthful, well-educated workforce. The Pottsboro Chamber, and its regional economic development partners, remains committed to assisting present industries, fostering a…

Start A Business

Pottsboro is well recognized as a hub of communities around Lake Texoma. The Pottsboro Chamber understands the importance of innovation and promotes its commercialization by North Texas companies. Our professional staff focuses its entrepreneurial efforts on attracting new business. City leaders have prepared for future commercial and residential growth by undertaking several infrastructure upgrade projects including replacing aging waterlines throughout…

Small Business

The small business pulse is strong in North Texas. Celebrated for its climate of innovation , our business-friendly tax structure welcomes the small business owner to the Pottsboro area. The uniqueness of Pottsboro supports small business and encourages both employers and employees to take root in the community. Residents take pride in our network of thriving, local businesses. The Pottsboro…

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