Ministerial Alliance

The Pottsboro Ministerial Alliance is a cooperation of six churches in Pottsboro that work together to share the love of Christ and minister to the physical and spiritual needs of our community. PMA provides scholarships each year for one graduating Pottsboro High School student. On Easter Sunday, we lead a sunrise worship service.

At Thanksgiving, we invite our entire community to gather for a meal and worship experience. Over 300 people gather to worship and give thanks for our many blessings.

During one service each January or February the churches of the Ministerial Alliance dismiss our worship services at the same time and go shopping together on behalf of two local food banks. We usually purchase enough food to fill these food banks for at least six months. It is truly an awesome sight to witness six churches working side by side for the good of the community!

One of the biggest ministries we coordinate is the Billy Vier Family Festival in August that provides free food, games, and school supplies the week before school begins. It is exciting to experience over 1,200 people coming together for a night of fun and fellowship.

In June 2014, the Pottsboro Ministerial Alliance will once again sponsor and conduct Great Days of Service. For two days, we will scour our community looking for and meeting needs of residents in Pottsboro and surrounding areas. Hundreds of people from our local churches and other community organizations will be mowing yards, washing windows, building wheel chair ramps, roofing houses, and participating in many other projects to show the love of
God in practical ways.

For additional information on Pottsboro Ministerial Alliance events please visit or call one of the listed member churches.


First Baptist Pottsboro
Pastor Josh Burton
Office phone: 903-786-9449

Georgetown Baptist Church
Pastor Bobby W. Hancock
Office phone: 903-786-2233

Hagerman Baptist Church
Pastor Neal Alexander
Office phone: 903-786-2823

Lakeway United Methodist Church
Pastor Allen W. Snider
Office: 903-786-2138

Preston Community Church
Pastor Bill Shultz
Office phone: 903-786-9599

St. John’s Episcopal Church
Rev. Nancy Powers
Office phone: 903-786-4339

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